Zohar Fisher


Co-Founder & Chairman

Zohar is one of the leading veteran strategy consultants in the field of legal marketing in the Israeli legal market and has a long standing (over ten years) reputation in the legal business development field.

Throughout the years, Zohar has acquired unprecedented professional experience and knowledge in closely and personally accompanying tens of law firms in Israel and abroad in arrange of organizational processes, branding campaigns, marketing, internet and media development.

Zohar has been lauded, not once as the “law firm whisperer, leading mergers between firms, wide strategic consulting initiatives and core processes in the legal market in Israel.

The extensive expertise he has gained, as well as his wide professional knowledge have respectively positioned Zohar as a sought after lecturer in the field of Legal Marketing in Israel, and he coordinates and delivers lectures and seminars in various forums, with particular emphasis on leading conferences of the Bar Association, continuing legal education programs and law firm management programs as well as to students at various universities. In this context, he lectures on a wide range of topics touching on marketing, branding, and business development of law firms.

Zohar spent a number of years working in business development at a leading law firm in Israel. He is amongst the founding players in the strategic consulting, marketing and branding field in the Israeli legal market.

Zohar serves in a few roles, including:

  • Founder of ILMA (Israeli Legal Marketing Association) – the main Israeli legal marketing organization which coordinates the legal marketing field in Israel and serves as a professional guide.
  • Serves as the representative of the Israeli Bar Association in the American Bar Association.
  • Serves as the Chairman of the international continuing legal education arm of the Israeli Bar Association.
  • Serves as a director and external director in a number of companies.

Zohar completed his first degree in law (LLB) and government (BA) at the Interdisciplinary Centre in Herzliya (IDC) and his second degree in Social Sciences for Managers (Executive MA) in a public and political leadership program at Tel Aviv University.