LawFlex offers independent freelance lawyers access to high quality work at the top law firms in Israel and worldwide. Joining our network not only gives freelancers a stamp of approval, but also assists them with a work stream.

Become part of our community –  maintain your legal career and financial security, without sacrificing your freedom.

why join us?

Access to quality legal work

This access will allow you to maintain your career and financial security, without sacrificing your freedom.

Save time on marketing and recruiting

If you are a freelancer, you know how much time and effort you have to invest in finding new clients and building your name and your reputation. We can do those things for you, and free up your time to do what you really became independent for: practicing law on your own terms.

Become Part of our community

LawFlex has created a community of high quality freelance lawyers. Although being a freelancer has many advantages, sometimes a sense of being part of a community and the advantages of this are lacking for freelancers

Our process


Send us your CV to


please write a few sentences about yourself, what is your expertise, qualification, years qualified, languages, what are you looking for and your availability.


We are looking for outstanding people, that are professionals however can also provide with an added value.


If your experience is relevant, we will call you to schedule an interview.


Once you pass the interview, we will invite you to a “paperwork” session, where we will handle all bureaucratic matters, and welcome you to the new way of practicing law.


Congratulations, you are part of our winning team now!


The FlexLawyers are not employees of LawFlex but independent freelance lawyers. As such, all FlexLawyers are obligated to have their own private insurance. For larger scale projects, the law firms are often able to add the independent lawyer on to their insurance policy for a specific period. In addition, as flex lawyers are usually providing a back office service, someone from the law firm signs off on the final product.

The advantage of LawFlex is that it gives you access to lawyers without overheads and therefore their rates are can be reduced accordingly. The rates of the flexlawyer will depend on the type of work being done, and a competitive fee quote can be provided upon request. LawFlex will offer the assignment to a FlexLawyer, specifying the rate and the FlexLawyer is free to accept or reject the assignment according to their considerations.

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