Astar Thon Kariv

Astar pic2.png

Community Manager

Advocate Astar Thon Kariv is the Head of Community at LawFlex.

Astar’s role is managing LawFlex’s communities.  Astar, in cooperation with Onwards, runs the program at LawFlex that brings international students from the United States to Israel for internship programs at Israeli law firms and in-house teams. She also manages the communities of olim, and freelancers.  LawFlex promotes and supports these communities in accordance with our belief in flexible working and in the pool of talent in Israel.  

Astar is a graduate of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Centre in Law and Business.  During her studies, Astar began her career working with start-ups.  After completing her internship and qualification as a lawyer in the field of litigation, at the law firm Lvinvok, Astar decided to apply her Business school studies and she worked for several years in management, customer success and operations at various start-ups.

As part of her role at LawFlex, Astar works closely with Onwards to place students in challenging and exciting internship programs in the Israeli legal community.  In addition, the company works to assist “olim” from around the world to follow their chosen career path in Israel.

Astar was born and raised in Eilat and is obsessed with the beach front. Following her time in the army as a field intelligence officer, she moved to the center of Israel to pursue her studies. Astar is married to Omer, the mother of Harrel, and the three of them live happily near the sea (how could it be otherwise?)

In her free time, Astar’s hobbies are Pilates, complex puzzles,  and sowing.   At the moment, between motherhood and LawFlex, Astar only has time for one hobby and that is Pilates.