About Lawflex

LawFlex Ltd. is the first legal resourcing company based in Israel, specializing in placing freelance lawyers for short-term assignments with prestigious law firms in Israel and overseas.

In the past decade, the legal market has been undergoing a quiet revolution, as the traditional model underpinning the legal profession is no longer working. Changes in the legal industry are compelling law firms to reduce costs, while lawyers are rejecting the conventional career path leading to partnership in order to embrace flexibility and strive towards a better work-life balance.

LawFlex Ltd. was born with the twin objective to help law firms remaining efficient in a competitive global environment, while at the same time helping experienced lawyers coming from the best law firms and universities to continue practicing in their field of expertise on their own terms. LawFlex Ltd. helps freelance lawyers qualified in various jurisdictions to find quality short-term legal assignments in prestigious law firms in Israel and abroad.

LawFlex Ltd. has a large pool of highly skilled independent lawyers that enable law firms to flex their workforce, maximize their resources, and minimize their costs, while at the same time retaining total control on the transaction and the interaction with their client.

The lawyers part of our network have all many years of experience, working in the biggest law firms in Israel and abroad, and have all successfully passed a rigorous interview process.

LawFlex Ltd. offers law firms the ability to quickly and temporarily add to their team lawyers native in various languages, such as English, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, German, and others.

LawFlex Ltd. provides tailor-made solutions for law firms looking either for a single lawyer or for a team of lawyers, in various areas of expertise, whether to work on a specific project, or to replace a lawyer during a long absence (e.g. maternity leave).

LawFlex Ltd. has already assisted law firms on the following specific missions.

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