The way to place Israel on the  map, while strengthening its connections to the legal world is via LawFlex – a groundbreaking venture that encompasses a new model of working  for attorneys based in Israel.

Just before robots replace us at law firms and in the courts, it is time for a new concept to be adopted in Israel, that efficiently works overseas and is now arriving to the saturated Israeli legal market. The professional term is Legal Resourcing.

Until recently, the Israeli legal market remained steadfast against the idea of exporting legal work to external attorneys, regardless of their experience or talent, whist around the world different business models that make creative working possible have been working successfully for years.

LawFlex was established by two attorneys: Adv. Jackie Donner-Stocki, graduate of Oxford University and former attorney at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer – one of the biggest law firms in the world, as well as Adv. Zohar Fisher, founder of Robus – Israel's leading and largest legal marketing firm.

A Zionist goal

What stands behind this idea? Firstly, the understanding that it is time to implement the flexible legal resourcing trend to the sophisticated Israeli market, due to two main reasons.

The first reason is that law firms are constantly aspiring to keep operating costs lower, while keeping high standards of work. The second reason is the dawn of independent attorneys, who are seeking for new ways to balance their careers with high quality of life.

The venture also has a Zionist goal: Israel is home to a pool of talent, including qualified, experienced and well educated Anglo-Saxon and French attorneys, who made Aliyah in recent years. They bring with them,  rich experience, gained in the world's largest and leading law firms. This unique and diverse manpower, that doesn’t always find its way around the Israeli legal industry, is absorbed by LawFlex who provides these lawyers with a platform, leeway and most importantly relevant legal tasks within Israel's legal market, as well as abroad.

Due to this unique constellation of talent that can only be found in Israel, LawFlex from its launch,   provides services to law firms overseas, and thus helps to place Israel on the world's legal map, while strengthening our legal bonds around the globe. Via LawFlex, foreign law firms can find talent amongst attorneys that are qualified in the relevant jurisdiction, while being physically located in Israel, at highly competitive prices and without compromising the quality of work.

LawFlex services are  currently used by many law firms, each firm with its own specific needs being met.  The venture now has close to a 100 gifted, professional independent attorneys that have opted out of the rat race of the busy Israeli legal market.  They are known colloquially as FlexLawyers.

What are the benefits for a law firm which adapts this model of legal resourcing? Experience attests to the fact that the firm enjoy a whole array of advantages. Beyond the financial saving, it give the firm the opportunity to expand its existing pool of clients and conquer new areas of expertise that the firm didn't advise on before.

The bottom line is that the main beneficiaries are firstly the client, who gets a high level of legal advice at a price that makes sense and secondly, the independent attorneys who can earn a decent living and work as much as they desire, and on their own terms.

In conclusion, LawFlex is a groundbreaking venture, presenting a new model of working for lawyers- a business model which is already making its impact on the Israeli legal market.

This was also published in Haaretz.

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